Out of Hibernation and Into the Club…

January 24, 2019

Getting your Members from winterized to full-swing is as easy as 1, 2 & 3!
When Members are out of sight and when the snow is flying, it’s a great time to do your seasonal planning.  But once the warm weather appears, it’s critical to get a jump on getting your Members back to the Club with a game plan for the season. Host a Sports and Recreation Season opener that brings your Members together to check off all three of these important necessities for their long-term enjoyment:

Quick acclimation into all things sports:It’s true that the early bird gets the worm…give your Members the chance to make early decisions about their seasonal recreation commitments.  Make all of your sports directors available in one space where Members can walk from table to table getting to know the benefits of all the activities the Club offers…not just golf, but tennis, swim, pickleball and fitness too! If you offer it, make it available for them to see alongside all the other activities you have going on.   

Make new friends and reconnect with the old:With a bustling Clubhouse, you are sure to meet some new teammates and grow your social circle, maybe while learning about the fastest growing sport of Pickleball!  This is also a great chance for relatively new Members from the previous season to meet new faces with similar interests. Jumping right into a new activity is a great way to get to know each other and this event will help you join a new foursome for a round of golf or join a game of tennis.

Prizes and Activities: How do you get Members to mingle outside of their own crowd?  Scavenger hunts!  Create a fun and interactive scorecard that requires them to visit all the various stations at your event.  Make sure you are requiring them to ask questions at all of the stations so they come away with answers that will help them gain a better understanding of all of the offerings at the entire Club, not just one section.  Offer prizes for an hourly drawing to those who complete their scorecard correctly.   You’ll be surprised the lengths that your Members will go through to win a free golf lesson, cart fees for four or a bottle of wine.  Spring is a time for a fresh start and you may be surprised by your Members’ new-found interest in an activity that they may not have known your Club offered. Pickleball anyone?

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