Who We Are

The Guardians are Members who adopt missions to preserve and enhance Valley Country Club and to ensure Valley's growth and longevity. Guardian Members consider and value Valley as their home and proudly serve as stewards of the Club and ambassadors to the Valley community.  

The Guardians have established a project fund designed to provide alternative sources for capital improvements and substantial upgrades to our Club.  Past projects include:

• The Clock Tower
• Valley’s 60 year History Book
• Valley Historical Photographs in the Clubhouse
• Valley Golf Professionals Memorial Plaques on Holes 10 and 17.
• Improvements to the golf course's superlative features and landscaping
• Modifications and upgrades to the swimming pool and tennis courts
• Preserving the beauty, functionality and communal purpose of our Clubhouse

Guardians Members

Don and Diana Alfermann
Jack and Linda Allgood
Ed and Bette Arnold
Gary and Laurie Arthur
Thomas and Lindsay Bak
Scott Barr
John Benson
Tom Bieging
Clem and Helen Blomberg
Ken and Terri Brown
Jim and Joan Brubaker
Rob and Cindy Bulthaup
Steve and Karen Bye
Tom and Kelly Caccia
Charlie and Karmen Cadwell
Craig and Lynn Cahen
Tony and Paula Carter
Mike and Christy Casper
Gary and Carol Casteel
Martin and Kathy Cozyn
Tom and Terra Croke
Joe and Sandra Crowe
Braiden Darley
W. Braiden and Herta Darley
Lee and Pat Dartois
Nick and Ellen DiBella
Tom and Julie Dick
Bill and Theresa Dickey
Mike and Robin Dobbs
Don and Jana Dodge
John and Alice Douthit
Tom and Julie Downey
Dave and Cathy Faestel
Sean and Mandy Fanning
Bill and Marla Felt

Richard and Elizabeth Fieman
Lynn and Chuck Fischer
Mike and Jerry Fitzgerald
Brian and Cathy Fleischmann
David and Jean Franzmann
Mike and Maryann Golinvaux
Dick and Jayne Graham
Ron and Judy Green
Dan and Pam Greenholz
Brad and Donna Gustin
Keith and Shannon Harper
James and Martha Harrington
Mike and Jamie Harris
Robert and Inez Hartley
Tad and Ann Herz
Clay and Kathy Hill
Bill Holben and Becky Lenhart
Ken and Cindy Hope
Marwan and Thouwayba Jalili
Steve and Barbara Jirsa
Tom and Anne Johns
Joel and Jennifer Johnson
Dave and Lisa Jones
Jack and Bonnie Jones
Leslie Keith
Tony and Martha Key
Kelly Kozeliski and Ian Broughton
Robert and Marsha Krane
Ken and Sharyn Landis
Randy and Becky Lasater
Tim and Robin Lucas
Chaman and Aruna Malhotra
Tom and Kathy Markham
Betsy and Mike Mathies
Inder Mathur

Sean and Gretchen McGinnis
Bill and April Milam
Ron and Jean Myatt
David and Pam Pasternak
Sal and CC Pizzoferrato
Bill Quillen and Susan Sgambati
Carol and Geoff Race
Mark and Buffy Ransom
Kirk and Tricia Reid
Dan and Barbee Riehl
Ron and Rosanne Robinson
Betty Rohn
Lulu and Alan Roth
Scott and Wendy Ryan
Wes and Edie Sagawa
Jeffrey and Marcia Sandman
Sam and Joan Searcy
Mary Kaye and Terry Sharp
Ralph and Eileen Shaw
Rebecca Sheets
Larry Spivack and Lisa Williams
Bill and Julie Stordahl
Joyce Strait
Elaine Strauch
Art and Mary Swartwout
Greg and Jeannie Symons
Bill and Karen Taylor
Mark and Paula Tiernan
John and Lori Tripp
David and Yvette Vreeman
John and Candace Walsh
Buzz and Barb Weisberg
Jim and Joyce Wilson 
Jim and Jane Wiltshire

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